Host with the Most

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a taping of CityLine. My friend–and wonderful photographer– Rhonda McNeill (Catch The Spirit Photography) offered her extra ticket to me and of course I jumped at it. The topic of the day was home decor–perfect!

Tracy Moore, the host of Toronto’s CityLine, was so sweet and engaging. Between filming she came into the audience to talk to everyone. Tracy is as beautiful in person and just as fun and authentic as she seems on TV. The show’s producers are full of energy and keep the crowd keyed up–even getting the two men in the audience up to dance with them between takes!

The expert guests were the super talented Canadian designers Kimberly Seldon and Karen Kayne. They shared advice on positioning of sofas in large rooms, tricks to beautify bulkheads and answered audience design questions.

A great way to spend a morning for anyone who loves home decor!


Me, CityLine host Tracy Moore, and, my friend and photographer, Rhonda McNeill (Catch the Spirit Photography)