Neat Sheets

With a few days of down time–and an inability to avoid jobs around the house that have been nagging me for months–I decided to tackle my linen closet. It had grown out of control and was to the point that I couldn’t fit anything more in it. Looking inside I had no idea what was what.

I started by pulling every thing out of the closet. I went through each sheet, pillow case and sham and sorted them into piles (king, queen, double, twin). This was time consuming because (maddeningly) most of the sheets are not marked on the tag with their size. That meant I had to measure them in some cases (seriously!) to figure out the kings from the queens from the doubles.

I pitched anything that was damaged or yellowed and made a pile to donate. I always stick with the rule that if you don’t use in in a year, out it goes.

I decided that to make more space, and to be practical, I would store towels in the cabinets of each bathroom. That freed up a ton of space in the linen closet.

Key for me was being able to see what sheet size and type I was looking for at a glance. That would also ensure I would keep up with my newly tidied closet .

A trip to Michael’s store yielded the coolest little metal clips with tiny hooks that easily attach to the metal wires of the shelves and a hook at the bottom. I also bought small thick-stock paper tags with gold borders (for bling!) and a hole at the top to attach to the metal hook. I wrote in black marker the various types of sheets and their size (ie. King Fitted, King Flat). Once I attached my labels to the tops of each metal shelf I placed the piles underneath accordingly. Voila!

I even had enough room to add some small baskets to house bathroom supplies such as body wash, shampoo and conditioner. Now when we run out each family member knows where to find the supply. Another basket holds extra toilet paper.

To combat that musty smell that can happen in a linen closet I bought some scented linen sachets at Homesense and put them between the stacks on a few shelves.

Now my linen closet is so beautifully organized that I want to keep the doors open all the time!

Check out these before and afters below.

After shot of linen closet
Hooks and tags