Got Lego all over the house?

As a mom of three boys I am constantly battling with what to do with the pounds of Lego in our house. I came across this video on and thought it was the coolest way to store Lego for someone like me who likes things neat and orderly. But you’d need tons of time to do this properly (which I don’t have) and lots of cash for the cabinets (again, not me). However, I think it could be done easily enough on a much smaller scale. It could be as simple as stackable containers with labels for what is inside the container, or glue a piece of the Lego to the outside of the container so your kids know at a glance what goes where. That makes for super easy clean up time. Check back to find out what I did to make this on a much smaller scale!

Check out this Lego room and hopefully get inspired.